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Our Mission

Building Unique Custom Homes in the Hill Country

At Hills of Texas Homes, our goal is to build a house for our client that they will love for many years after the completion of the project.  We use our engineering backgrounds and education along with personal supervision of every aspect of the construction  process and direct coordination with clients to achieve this goal.  


We discovered through the residential side of our structural engineering firm in Dallas that there was no licensing, education or even qualifications to be a builder.  This is a scary thought when you are building something of this magnitude.  Our goal was, and still is, to “build a better mouse trap”!  


Come sit down with us a discover what we are about.

The Beginning of Hills of Texas Homes

I (Todd Stephens) founded the firm of Hills of Texas Homes, Inc. in July 2001, while I was working for my father, Jack Stephens, at his engineering firm in Dallas and getting a mechanical engineering degree from Southern Methodist University.  My intent was to perform historical renovations in the Dallas area as a side business to our engineering work.  After my children were born, my wife and I decided that we wanted to raise our family in a small town environment. 


I graduated in 2003 with a mechanical engineering degree and continued to work at the engineering firm until we decided to move.  I worked on both commercial and residential structural engineering projects as well as overseeing the day to day operations of the engineering firm.


My wife and I decided to take a leap of faith and moved down to Fredericksburg in January 2006.  We asked my father and mother, Jack and Joyce, if they would consider moving down to work with me building homes in the Hill Country.  They moved down shortly thereafter and Hills of Texas Homes was up and running.  As of January, 2024, we have completed over 150 projects ranging from a master bathroom remodel to a 9,000 sf custom home.


Based on the wants and needs of the client, I design and produce floor plans and construction drawings in the office so no outside architect or plan designer is required, but I am also happy to work with third part architects and plan designers if that is what the client desires.  I also supervise the day to day activities on the project site and coordinate all of the subcontractors.

Jack has an architectural engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin and has been a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas since 1978.  He closed down his engineering firm in 2020 and is semi-retired, but still helps out on an as needed basis.  He is available for me to consult with on any structural concerns or questions and always inspects and oversees the installation of the foundation and performs inspections of the framing of the house.


Joyce is our semi-retired in-house decorator.  She has a background in interior design and worked as a home economics instructor for 20 years in the public school system.  Now that she is retired, she works with our clients choosing everything from paint colors to lighting, surfaces and fixtures.


Avery Stephens (my daughter) has just graduated from college and is taking over the duties of in house decorator, under the supervision of Joyce.


Both Avery and Joyce will work with our clients choosing everything from paint colors to lighting, surfaces and fixtures.

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